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Many people applying for entry-level clinical research jobs may begin their journey by enrolling in a certificate program, or diploma programs, which gives you a thorough understanding about the field and bridge the gap of what these industries are looking for.

Clinical research certification and diploma courses are designed by leading industry experts and incorporated with multiple strategies to achieve the goal of individual.

How does one get around such a situation to get that first dream job in clinical research with less hassle, less expense, and more reliable prospects for employment at the end of the process? Presented here are some strategies that can work extremely well for individuals with foreign medical degrees, backgrounds in life sciences or allied health, or experience working in a regulated environment.

  1. Gain clarity on your career goals.
  2. Invest in your clinical research education.
  3. Fix your resume.
  4. Focus on 10 job opportunities and always follow up.
  5. Write and speak clearly.
  6. Prepare for your interview.
  7. Have the courage to hear ‘No’. remember that you will eventually hear ‘Yes’.

A Graduate or Post Graduate in one of the following:

  1. Clinical Research
  2. Anatomy
  3. Molecular Biology
  4. Biochemistry
  5. Genetics
  6. Chemistry
  7. Microbiology
  8. Toxicology
  9. Pharmacology
  10. Bioengineering
  11. Immunology
  12. Physiology
  13. Pharmacy
  14. Dentistry
  15. Medicine

An integral part of the healthcare sector is a pharmacy, and pharmacist is an indispensable part of the healthcare force. Here are career opportunities for pharmacy graduates

Healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and paramedical staff are involved in treating and managing the increasing number of cases in different countries.

An integral part of the healthcare sector is a pharmacy, and pharmacist is an indispensable part of the healthcare force. Be it new drug research, new drug approvals, vaccine research, antibodies research, community-based services, dispensing of medicines, pharmacists are playing a key role in fighting this pandemic.

Career opportunities are always increasing in the profession of pharmacy. This pandemic has highlighted the services provided by pharmacists in various areas. Pharmacy graduates can choose to work in the following areas:

Drug research and development, clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, retail sector, hospitals, clinics, community pharmacy, pharmaceutical sales and marketing, industrial pharmacy and production, regulatory affairs, health data analysis, and medical writing.

They can also join the FDA and CDSCO to work with the national regulatory authority in regulating the drugs, cosmetics, their distribution, and manufacturing facilities.

Clinical Research organizations provide job opportunities to pharma graduates in fields like Clinical Research, pharmacovigilance and clinical data management, medical writing and regulatory affairs where employees work on high end software’s which is actually a merger of healthcare and IT 2 of the most lucrative and upcoming fields across the globe.

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India as a country has several benefits videlicet a huge population, a hard– working pool, and cost– effectiveness. For this reason, the country is a favored destination for clinical trialsTherefore, there’s a demand for good CR professionals. After completing a post graduate Diploma in  Clinical Research, scholars would get several job scopes in the industry.

The Clinical Research Industry is conducting several clinical trials and thus needs several professed professionals. It’s a fact that CR professionals aren’t hired without acceptable training and experience.
For this reason, Utmost clinical exploration training institutes have created a diploma program that gives scholars a thorough knowledge of the Clinical Research Industry.
These Diploma Courses train scholars to be competent and good for the Industry.
Likewise, Scholars learn how to conduct outstanding exploration studies that won’t only discover new affections, but also develop new styles of opinion, and cure these ails.
At the same time, Professionals would ameliorate the quality of life in mortal beings.
This would help students get detailed information on our Diploma courses in clinical research.

India has the second largest pharmaceutical market in Asia which is growing by more than 9% every year.

This has led to a major rise in demand for skilled clinical research professionals. There are many companies which have extended their hands in clinical research for making a difference like Infosys, Wipro, and Accenture. Companies like Quintile, HCL, Fortis, Novartis & TCS provide mass recruitment in this field.

Indian clinical data management, pharmacovigilance, and clinical trials have become a major cause of boom in the clinical research department. The salary packages are also high in comparison to other professions. After 10 years of experience, one could be operations/regulatory affairs director and earn a salary of more than Rs.1,00,000 per month As per a recent report, more than 50,000 clinical research jobs are vacant due to lack of qualifies candidates.

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Research (PGDCR) course is comparatively a new specialization, so the number of students passing out each year is far less than the demand of the country. This is one of the major reasons for lucrative packages and career boom opportunities.

The arrival of multi-national companies in India and building their research facilities in India has led to an exponential growth in this sector.


Clinical research refers to all exploration carried out on humans ( healthy or sick people). It focuses on perfecting knowledge of conditions, developing individual styles and new treatments or medical biases to insure better patient care. It’s veritably framed and respects a precise study protocol and is only realized under certain conditions. It must:

  • Have the goal of increasing medical knowledge.
  • Be carried out by competent persons.
  • Take all necessary measures to protect those who lend themselves to research.
  • Obtain regulatory approvals and take all the necessary legal and ethical steps.
  • Collect the consent of those involved in the research.

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