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Even though there are enormous job vacancies in this field, employers will only hire skilled applicants that can do the job. A certification is a formal recognition of your skills, experience, and performance. It will help validate your resume, especially when they are compared to other applicants.


CLRI is IAO (International Accreditation Organisation) Affiliated Institute. Very few institutes in India have an IAO accreditation, especially in Clinical Research, Clinical SAS, and Medical Coding. What this Global accreditation means is that whatever curriculum you are learning from us be it in CR, CSAS or MC is the same curriculum that you’ll be learning or is followed in Universities/colleges Abroad (Global Educational Standard). 

The certificate which we provide after the course will be valid in more than 180+ countries. You will be eligible to apply to jobs abroad (Mention countries where there’s demand for Lifescience research jobs: European countries (UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands), US, Canada, Japan,  Scandinavian countries (Norway, Finland, Sweden).

CLRI has an Accreditation from the Central Govt body NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) which aims to promote Skill Development.

We are also a member of LSSSDC ( Life Sciences Sector Skills Development Council ) This Certification body is under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) which works for skill development in Life sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Contract Research, and Bio-pharmaceuticals.

LSSSDC has been mandated with a target of skilling appx 3.5 million workforces for the life sciences industry in order to bridge the skill gap by 2025. The Certificate issued by LSSSDC is a National Vocational Education Qualification. CLRI is also affiliated with ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation).

What are the benefits of Nationally Recognized Certificates?

Proves that certificate holder has Skills at par with the National Level Skills requirement for that job role. Accepted for all Govt./ Public Sector / Private Sector Jobs. Recognized by Indian Drug Regulating Organisation (CDSCO).

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