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Return and Refund Policy - CliniLaunch

CliniLaunch is committed to providing high-quality educational experiences for early healthcare professionals and students. We recognize that unforeseen circumstances may necessitate a request for a refund. This refund policy outlines the specific criteria under which CliniLaunch will consider refund requests for course fees.

Non-Refundable Payments

Course Fee Refund and Transfer Policy

  • Non-Refundable Fees: CliniLaunch programs, including PG Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, and Certification courses have non-refundable tuition fees. This means that once a student enrolls and pays the fees, a refund will not be granted.
  • Non-Transferable Fees: Course fees paid by a student cannot be transferred to another student or program.

We strongly advise all prospective students to carefully review the course description, syllabus, and refund policy before enrolling. This will ensure a clear understanding of the program content and financial commitment.

Admission Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • No refund of the course fee will be granted if the student enrolls and cancels their admission.

Enrollment Cancellation Due to Non-Payment

  • Timely Payment: To secure your enrollment in the course, full payment must be received by the Installment Deadline.
  • Late Payment: Failure to receive full payment by the deadline will result in the automatic cancellation of your enrollment. In this case, any seat reservation will be released, and you will need to re-enroll if space is available.

Admission Cancellation

  • This return and refund policy will be subject to change at any time. CliniLaunch will notify students of any changes made.
  • This policy applies to all course fees paid after 28/05/2024.

Important Information

  • Availability: We reserve the right to modify this return and refund policy at any time. We will make reasonable efforts to notify enrolled students of any significant changes made to the policy.
  • Applicability: This policy applies to all course fees paid on or after June 5, 2024.

Questions and Dispute Resolution

For any inquiries or concerns regarding this refund policy, please contact CliniLaunch at We encourage you to review the policy thoroughly and reach out if you have any questions for clarification.

Additionally, please be advised that in the event of a dispute, CliniLaunch will prioritize a fair and amicable resolution.

We reserve the right to update our return and refund policies. Please check back for the latest information before making a purchase.

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