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The role of the Training and Placement Cell is of a facilitator and counsellor for placement-related activities.
Training and Placement Cell provides 100% placement assistance to all registered students per the norms
provided here


  1. TPO aims to provide placement assistance for all students pursuing programs at CLRI. Placement is a privilege extended to the students but can’t be claimed as a matter of right.
  2. Placement Assistance varies for all students depending upon the eligibility criteria of Clients and the type of educational background, industry experience, and add-on skill certification hence we cannot guarantee any salary range.
  3. A student who wishes to appear for the placement must register with the T & P Dept. for the drives.
    NO PROXY REGISTRATIONS. The registration would imply that the student has verified
    himself/herself and has consented to the company profile, job profile, terms & conditions, package, bond & eligibility criteria. After registration, if a student fails to turn up for the drive, he/she will not be considered for future placements. (DEBARRED)
  4. . The placement department provides placement assistance to all eligible students by arranging Direct/ Walk / One to one interviews/providing information for various job openings with our multi-industry clients across INDIA.
  5. Students will be allowed to have a single job offer only. However, already-placed Students may also be allowed to appear for Companies with high CTC. Once a student bags a job offer from the company, she/ he will not be allowed to participate in any campus recruitment process.
  6. The eligibility criteria imposed by the visiting company will be the final. The eligible/registered students must attend all the training programs/workshops arranged by the department.
  7. The department’s placement coordinator is the single point of contact for the concerned department Students. All kinds of clarifications & communications (such as registration for placement assistance, updating the database, etc.,) should be executed through the concerned department placement coordinator and HOD.
  8. During induction, most companies insist on a Passport and PAN card or Aadhaar Card, So, the students are expected to apply for the same at the earliest.
  9. Soft copies of all the educational qualifications, work offer letters, relieving letters, pay slips, etc should be kept handy and a copy of the same shall be shared with the placement department.
  10. . Students may have to manage their own transport arrangements to return homeland and inform their parents well in advance if the proceedings on the date of the interview continue till the late evening or travel to the intercity for the same.
  11. Based on the directions given by the companies, students may be sent to attend pooled campus placement drives in other colleges. Students should inform their parents about the placement process, venue, and timings in advance.
  12. Students attending campus interviews should adhere to the following instructions.
    ▪ Report at the venue of the pre-placement talk and interview as per the instructions.
    ▪ Students should carry a minimum of 5 copies of their resume, photocopies of all original certificates, and 5 passport-size photographs.
    ▪ Students in casual dress will not be allowed for the PPT/Recruitment Process
  13. It is the student’s responsibility to keep a close watch on every placement-related notice shared with them through CLRI Placement Groups, or on their personal email ID. from time to time and follow the deadline/ instructions within the stipulated time. We can’t inform the students individually.
  14. Students should maintain discipline and decorum in every action they take during the placement process. Any student found violating any rules of general ethics and etiquette as deemed by the company or CLRI or defaming the Institute will be debarred from the placement process indefinitely.


  1. Students will be restricted to just 5 core opportunities, with reference to the program they have enrolled for.
  2. Students who have failed to pay the FEE in the given period of time, will not be eligible for placements.
  3. 100% Attendance for Pre-Placement Talks, Guest Lectures & Placement Committee Meetings/ Open houses, etc. is compulsory for all eligible students as per the notice to be put up.
  4. Exemption to placement-related activities will be granted to only those students who take prior permission from the Placement Head with a written application forwarded through the placement coordinators well in advance.
  5. Academic Attendance of 90% and 60% of the course should be complete on the date of the campus placement drive is mandatory for every student to appear in the campus placement drive of any company.
  6. Students must update their records in the T&P dept after the declaration of the result (backlogs only). Regular exam/semester results will be updated by T&P. This is very important because it is possible that the companies may reject a student’s candidature in case of incomplete data.


  1. An announcement email from the CLRI placement department or company will be considered a firm offer.
  2. Offers received from companies must be collected within the deadlines. The responsibility of going through the offer letter and taking actions therein such as submission of documents lies
    entirely with the student. In case offers are received directly by the student from the company, the same must be intimated to CLRI Placement SPOC
  3. Students who have received offers will be de-registered from the placement process/placement groups.

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