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SUBIYA got placed in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICES after completing her Clinical Research course from Clinilaunch 

PRATHAMESH got placed in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICES. after completing her Medical Coding course from  Clinilaunch 

SAMRUDDHI got placed in I,SHNOVA after completing her Clinical Research course from Clinilaunch 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical Research involves the comprehensive studies to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments, drugs, devices or interventions on human participants. It is different from laboratory research that involves people volunteering to help us better understand medicine and health.

At CliniLaunch, Clinical Research courses offer a wide range of career opportunities in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and research sectors. It is essential to develop  new treatments, therapies, and healthcare advancements. So, here are some of the benefits include gaining: 

  • In-depth knowledge of clinical trial design, conduct, and analysis.
  • A competitive edge in the job market for clinical research positions. 
  • Skill in regulatory affairs, ethics, and data management. 
  • Improved understanding of Good Clinical Practices (GCP).

As a clinical research professional, you should have strong project management skills including the ability to develop and manage timelines and efficiency in resource allocation. By joining the best clinical research training institute in India, you will gain skills in:

  • Critical thinking and Problem solving ability
  • Research design and Analysis
  • Data Management and Communication
  • Regulatory Compliance and Ethical Conduct
  • Teamwork and Collaboration

To gain practical experience in clinical research at CliniLaunch, you need to network with the clinical research community. You may need to find internships or entry-level positions with your degree in the related field with practical experience.

CliniLaunch’s Clinical Research Program stands out for its comprehensive curriculum , expert instructors, industry-driven projects, flexible learning options, and career support services. 

To enroll in the clinical research program, you need to have a basic understanding of biology, chemistry and healthcare terminologies. A bachelor’s degree in a related field is preferred but not mandatory.

Yes, individuals from diverse backgrounds, including biology, pharmacy, nursing, and life sciences, can pursue the Clinical Research Program to transition into the healthcare industry.

Graduates of the Clinical Research Program can explore various career opportunities, including clinical research coordinator, data manager, regulatory affairs specialist, medical writer, and clinical research associate.

Yes, the training programs offered by CliniLaunch are IAO, LSSSDC, NSDC accredited and recognized ensuring that the certification holds value in the healthcare sector.

Yes, you can access the course materials and resources for one month after the completion of your course allowing you to review and refresh your knowledge as required. 

Interested in a Clinical research program, visit the website, select the desired program, and follow the registration process outlined on the platform and share your details with us. 

Benefits of Learning from CliniLaunch Research Institute

CliniLaunch Research Institute

Non - Accredited Institute

Accredited Institution

  • It enhances the credibility of your certification.
  • IAO, LSSSDC, and NSDC recognition ensures better career prospects and industry acceptance.
  • It limits the recognition within the industry. 
  • Employers may question the course credibility

Expert Faculty

  • Access personalized learning guidance.
  • Expert guidance from industry instructors and faculties.
  • Teaching quality may be compromised that will affect your learning experience. 
  • Other institutes may lack experienced faculties.

Diverse Career Opportunities

  • Get access to a wide range of career options in clinical research
  • Our comprehensive placement assistance ensures better job prospects.
  • You may face challenges in accessing a wide range of career opportunities. 
  • Other institutes may lack placement assistance and make it harder for you to secure jobs.

Flexible Learning Options

  • CliniLaunch offers offline and offline learning options.
  • Learning Management System Accessibility
  • Choose learning schedules in LMS to suit your needs and commitment.
  • Other institutes may offer rigid learning structures with limited flexibility in learning modes.
  • Limited access to online resources and interactive sessions.
  • Lack of Learning Management System.

Networking and Support

  • CliniLaunch offers “Fast Forward Guest Series Edition- 8” to enhance your networking opportunities.
  • Access to exclusive Masterclasses to enhance your learning experience.
  • You may miss out on networking opportunities with industry professionals. 
  • Limited access to exclusive events and networking platforms that may hinder your career growth.

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