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Exploring the Potential: Is Clinical Research a Good Career in India?

Is Clinical Research a Good Career in India?

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The global market size for clinical trials can hit $84.43 billion by 2030, up from $48.4 billion in 2020. The huge prediction raises a question for the students or aspirants- Is clinical research a good career in India? The answer is yes. The need for substantial talented clinical researchers will drive this growth. 

Clinical research organizations (CROs) work harder to retain and engage this talent in a highly competitive market. If you are fresher or looking to transition into clinical research, working as a clinical research associate gives you a unique approach to making a real impact in people’s lives. 

Make a real Impact

The increasing number of opportunities available for job seekers in clinical research is advantageous, although challenging. However, jobs in clinical research carry a huge potential for career development and job packages for suitable candidates. 

You are working towards saving lives and significantly improving the quality of people’s lives across the globe. Therefore, if you are looking for an answer to “Is clinical research a good career?” Improving the quality of people’s lives is what makes a real impact, and it is an enriching career. 

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Professional Network expansion

Clinical research organizations offer roles of clinical research which typically require much collaboration between multiple stakeholders, including patients, researchers, ethics committees, site investigators, and others. Thus, if you are looking for an answer to “Is clinical research associated with a good career?” 

The clinical research associate job role requires a permit to confront various research sites operational in pan India and outside of the country. This is how you will have an excellent opportunity to connect with other stakeholders and grow your network beyond your colleagues.  

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Research and development 

Digitalization of clinical trials in India is expected to accelerate rapidly in the upcoming years. It will always be new technology or skills a clinical researcher must conquer. The clinical trial industry offers plenty of things to learn. Each case study you are working on in clinical research will be different. Therefore, if you are looking for an answer to “Is clinical research coordinator a good job?” 

The role of the clinical research coordinator is to support, coordinate, facilitate the activities based on the clinical trial, and it plays a crucial role in conducting the research study. Developing the coordination between soft and hard skills will help you to become a well-rounded clinical research professional. Thus, by working as a clinical research coordinator, you will develop a broad range of skills based on continuous learning.

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Discover new areas

Whether your role is a clinical research associate (CRA) or clinical research coordinator (CRC), you are required to travel between numerous clinical trial sites on a global level. However, you will have to travel to work, where you may get to explore during your downtime. 

The Discovery of new areas in clinical research is one of the best answers to the “Is clinical research a good career in India?” Your job can be tiring but enjoyable at the same time for those who don’t want to be in the office full-time. This is how you can explore and discover new areas while enjoying your role, and you will get to know everything when onboarded. 

Transition Into the Industry 

Clinical research organizations invest in developing an early talent pool providing plenty of support to those who take the first step in the clinical trial industry. Clini Launch Research Institute (CLRI) offers plenty of entry-level opportunities with graduate opportunities, including CRA graduate and CRA bridge programs. 

Transition into the industry is the best answer to “Is clinical research a good career in India?” Whether you are a fresher, looking for a first-ever full-time role in clinical research, or looking to transition into clinical research from the same field, CLRI supports you to help you kickstart your career in clinical research.  

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Competitive salary package and benefits 

The clinical trial industry offers a competitive salary at the starting point, and there is plenty of room for career progression toward a high-paying role. Therefore, if you are looking for an answer to “What is the scope of clinical research?” 

Multiple companies within the clinical trial industry offer a range of healthcare benefits along with a competitive salary that includes private healthcare, vision care, and dental care. It saves you money while helping you look after your health. 


In conclusion, clinical research can be a promising career in India for those aspirants with a strong interest in healthcare, science, and healthcare. India is a hub for clinical research due to its patient population and talented researchers. This blog has given you multiple recommendations based on the question Is Clinical research a good career in India

The clinical research sector in India is poised for growth, with ample opportunities for clinical research professionals with governmental support. However, clinical research has its challenges that include a competitive job market, the need for continuous learning and upskilling, and a regulatory environment. Aspirants passionate about making a highly positive impact on human health and willing to face challenges can consider clinical research a rewarding career option.

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